Restoration Choosing a Downdated Kitchen “I love the charm of an old house, but I’d have to have an updated kitchen.” As a Realtor® specializing in older homes, I hear that a lot. No doubt, there are many advantages to kitchen mod-cons. However, the need for a brand-new kitchen is somewhat due to excellent marketing by the kitchen renovation industry. […]
Restoration A Smart 1901 Shower Old home preservationists follow the following principle: If the home’s original fiber exists do everything possible to preserve it. If the original fiber no longer exists, find a vintage substitute that reflects the style of your home, made during the period your home was built. If you can’t source a vintage substitution, use a reproduction […]
Restoration Meet Harry Forehead I’ve never met Harry Forehead but I mix cocktails in his pantry. Harry was born in England and he was an accomplished cricket player. In fact, he captained a cricket team that played a match in Miller Park on Labor Day 1911. No doubt he also played cricket at Field Club when it still was […]
Midtown Omaha’s Best Burger Midtown Omaha tends to have pretty high walkability scores. With all of that walking and fresh air you’d think we Midtowners are fit and lanky as a week-old colt. We would be if it wasn’t for; La Casa, Greek Islands, Lo Sole Mio, and of course Dinker’s. I’ve temporarily sworn myself to 1,200 calories a […]
Midtown The key to Midtown It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes realtors take a vacation. A while back I took my first vacation since beginning my real estate career. Preparing for a camping trip was a first for me. I reminded myself that as long as I have my keyring and a credit card all things are possible; after all […]
Midtown Pickin’ and grinning’ I’ve collected antiques for 35 years. I’ve also sold antiques through a booth in an antique mall, flea markets, auctions, eBay, Craigslist and now Facebook Marketplace. You can blindfold me, strap me to an appliance dolly and wheel me into any antique shop and in an instant I can tell if I’m going to like […]
Midtown Divino Cafe I didn’t plan on discovering my new favorite coffee shop today. You can’t predict what Midtown will reveal. But today, with my belly still full of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, Midtown decided to show me a coffee shop. Divino Café Organic Coffee and Tea is tucked into a short brick retail strip just west of 31st and […]
Midtown Love and Joy in Midtown Communities are rated on transportation options, home value, density, walkability, diversity, the local economy and about a thousand other things. I’ve never seen communities rated on love and joy. If they were, you’d defiantly check the love/joy rating of a community before deciding to live there. Right? Impossible to quantify joy and love, you’re thinking? […]
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Midtown Blackstone is hot. How hot? I asked around. I survey-monkeyed it. It’s the hottest. When you ask about Blackstone the comment that follows, “it’s the hottest” is, “I remember when it wasn’t, there was Sullivan’s and that was it.” Sullivan’s opened in 1954 and in 2001 was bought and restored by Dan Houlihan, an Omaha bar/restaurant veteran. Dan wanted Sullivan’s to stay comfortable, urban and honest. His preservationist leanings saved the […]
Midtown Vegas has its strip. Omaha has its rat-pack-era strip too … It’s Leavenworth Street There’s nothing wrong with Leavenworth street during the day but, to feel the magic, you need to cruise it at night. Neon is a massive part of what makes Leavenworth magical and luckily the businesses on the street appreciate it as much as we neighbors do. The neon cowboy at Bronco’s Burgers at 4540 Leavenworth […]
Midtown Omaha’s Artifact There’s not a lot of retail in east Midtown. If Victoria is keeping a Secret in Midtown it’s still a secret to me. Couldn’t this fab ‘hood be home to some Lucky Brand? Nope, retail remains a Gap in our neighborhood’s economy. BUT when east Midtown does retail it does it with honest, gritty, urban Omaha […]
Midtown Super M Old school Midtowners still call it the Hinky Dinky. I visited Supermercado at 29th and Leavenworth yesterday for fresh tortillas, quesadilla cheese, 20-cent limes, house-made pico, RIPE avocados and those paper-thin steaks that are perfect for fajitas. Try finding that in West-O! Need to drive a nail with an avocado? Head west of 120th. Maybe it’s […]