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Annika Phillips

Annika Phillips

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Wrap-around porch, clawfoot tub, butler's pantry .... They excite you too? Preserving the space where other generations built their lives and continuing the story by adding your own is as much a calling as it is a home preference. You don't need to explain it to me, I've lived it for decades. After restoring four pre-WWII homes, I share the excitement of discovering your vintage home and can help you foresee the benefits and challenges of each.

New to Omaha? I've been there. I somewhat-reluctantly moved here from Chicago in '95 but LOVE Omaha now. That's because I lucked into a home and neighborhood to perfectly fit my family's vibe. With my help, you won't need luck to do the same.

Selling? You know the big and little things that make your home a gem. They're what the next owner will love, if they are made aware of them. Let me make sure they are. Engage my 35 years of marketing experience to show buyers why your home is so desirable. I've produced advertising for General Motors, McDonalds, Disney and United Airlines among others. I can't wait to market the unique charms of your home.


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